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S100 Polishing Soap

S100 Polishing Soap
zoom imageS100 Polishing Soap 

S100 Polishing Soap

S100 Polishing Soap
Price $9.99

Nothing's more stunning than the magnificent gleam of polished chrome. Set your bike ahead of the pack with this new polishing soap from S100 that turns ordinary chrome into high wattage steel. This polish is quick and clean to use, all-inclusive-just add water-and yields a vivid shine with a mirror-like finish. The jar consists of a dry clay-based soap and a 1 ½ inch thick polishing sponge that rinses completely clean and stores in the cap. Its convenient packaging makes it great for road trips. The polishing soap itself creates a nice smelling, clean white lather-a far cry from those old polishes that produce black, oily remains and messy clean-up. It's harmless to your skin. Use S100 on exhaust pipes, handlebars, spokes, exhaust tips, forks, headers, and polished wheels and casings. But don't overlook the dozens of applications besides your bike. It's safe for use on fiberglass, porcelain, stainless steel, glass, ceramic, grout, aluminum and plastics (Not intended for use on anodized and painted surfaces.) It has a hundred different applications-all over your boat, throughout the kitchen, in the bathroom, on jewelry and silver goods, and on your car. Tarnish, rust and unsightly blemishes disappear!
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